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Welcome to kc2, a medical communications company. As a leader in health care education, research and consulting, we bring you the highest quality information and programs for health care professionals. kc2 can provide a variety of research programs as well as enducation and consulting services. In support of these goals, kc2 combines world class service with scientific integrity and unparalled execution. We invite you to learn more about our products and services or schedule an appointment with one of our experienced staff. Just use the customer service email link at customerservice@kc2med.com

or call us at (724) 935-6616.

Our Mission

We are committed to the development of a health care system that serves all stakeholders with an emphasis on service quality, effective outcomes, and the efficient use of resources. We believe that evidence-based medicine represents the most effective pathway to these goals. By providing world class research, education and consulting services, kc2 Medical Communications supports the development of the finest health care system in the world.

"The discovery and dissemination of high quality scientific information is our passion"

Company Profile

Our extensive experience in scientific research, consulting and medical education creates a unique opportunity for kc2 to collaborate with other members of the health care system. Through strategic partnerships and joint projects, we research and develop unique programs, services and reports designed to keep clients and other professionals informed regarding the latest developments in health care. We use our experienced reserachers and extensive network of contacts to answer critical questions in a rapidly changing and highly time-sensitive environment.

kc2 Medical Communications also develops and disseminates high-impact health education programs unlike typical CME or CE programs. Our target audience is primarily physicians, pharmacists and nurses. We provide value to our clients through the development of continuing education programs designed to profoundly shift the way disease states are viewed and treated. Too often, the evidence for how best to approach a disease exists long before it enters common clinical practice. kc2 seeks to rapidly advance the rate of adoption of evidence-based practices through the use of key opinion leaders for the development and delivery of these continuing education programs. By helping to accelerate the adoption of sound effective and efficient clinical practices, we create value throughout the health care system.